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Caroline Lucas on charity shopping, donating to Oxfam and a more sustainable future

Posted by Anna Kroeger Media Assistant, London and the south east

14th Jun 2012

Caroline Lucas handing over her donations to Oxfam

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas recently joined Oxfam staff and volunteers in Brighton to champion charity shopping and donating to Oxfam. In the run-up of Rio+20, the UN conference on sustainable development, she emphasised the importance of working together for a better future for everyone.

She said: "The money that you are raising by passing over your clothes to a charity shop makes a massive difference in terms of enabling poorer communities to make their own decisions about the environment that they want around themselves."

Watch the video with her inspiring message here:

Thanks to Caroline Lucas and the Brighton Oxfam shop staff and volunteers to help create the video.

Blog post written by Anna Kroeger

Media Assistant, London and the south east

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