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From the UK to the US, Robin Hood is bigger than ever

Posted by Chris Worrall UK Health and Education For All Campaign Project Manager

19th Jun 2012

An incredible 4,000 UK supporters of the Robin Hood Tax contacted their MPs to demand this tiny tax on banks in the last eight weeks - that's more than 70 per day!  Some in the UK even wore green hats and took photos in their home towns as part of the Global Week of Action - their pictures were seen in all 35 campaigning countries from Mexico to Malawi as a way to show leaders the global backing of the tax. 

The campaign was launched in the United States in May backed by a leading nurses union - National Nurses United with over 170,000 members - thousands of whom marched on the streets of Chicago while world leaders met at the G8 Summit in Maryland.  RoseAnn DeMoro, Executive Director of the Union, was interviewed on Bill Moyer's show.  What's more, actor and director Mark Ruffalo is spearheading the US campaign.  Read Mark's blog and watch the campaign video.Mark Ruffalo


Robin could be seen recently in the shadows of Mount Fuji, Japan, and at the marriage-made-in Sherwood of financial transaction tax backers Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and recently elected French President Francois Hollande. 

The extraordinary show of support for the Robin Hood Tax has taken the campaign several steps closer to making it a reality. Politicians are taking the idea of a tax on banks seriously. European Parliamentarians recently voted in favour of a Financial Transaction Tax with a thumping majority and Francois Hollande championed the idea at the G8 Summit. 

Support from the UK public is at an all-time high.  More than 70% of people think the banks aren't paying their fair share and that the Coalition Government isn't doing enough to prove 'We're all in this together' (A phrase coined by George Osborne at Conservative Party Conference 2009). And more than two-thirds of people think the financial sector's funding of the Conservatives affects Government policy. A Robin Hood Tax would ensure the banks contribute billions for a fairer world.

 What's next?

World leaders are getting together in Europe, Mexico and Brazil to discuss the tax before the end of June. The strength of campaign support from the UK and globally will be heard there.

Want to take action?

Get involved with the campaign and let your MP know why it's a good idea too.

Blog post written by Chris Worrall

UK Health and Education For All Campaign Project Manager

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