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Volunteer with Oxfam at Y Not Festival

Posted by Joely Thomas

26th Jun 2012

For nearly 20 years, Oxfam has been campaigning at some of the UK's biggest festivals, but now we're spreading... and reaching some of the country's lesser-known events.

Often independently run, often award-winning, and always unique, we have found some of the more hidden but no less fantastic festivals to take our campaigners too.

Y Not Festival - winner of 'The Grassroots Festival Award' in 2011, and described by The Guardian as 'One of the friendliest, best-value, small festivals' - is a worthy addition to our list.

The festival takes place over 3-5 August at Mouldridge Lane, Pikehall, Derbyshire.

What does festival campaigning involve?

Oxfam wants to work to end poverty and suffering. To do this, we need ordinary people to take action. That starts with them being inspired - by you.

You can have all the facts and figures in the world. But at the end of the day, people act on what their hearts tell them . And the best way to someone's heart is with a smile, and a friendly chat.

Campaigning with Oxfam simply means talking to a diverse range of people about Oxfam's values and current campaigns - helping them to become both informed and excited about Oxfam's work.

In our campaigners, we look for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate for change and willing to share this passion with others.

Oxfam campaigns in a variety of places but festivals provide us with a great opportunity to reach a captive audience in a fun and friendly environment.


This year we will be continuing to spread the word about the GROW campaign - campaigning for a world where everyone always has enough to eat. Climate change, price hikes, land grabs... all of these things lead to hunger and poverty.

Together we believe we can change the broken food system by more people joining a global movement. This movement puts  pressure on governments and businesses, and support initiatives like small scale farming and fair trade.  If enough people knew about food injustices, and what they could do to stop it, we could change the system forever.

As a festival campaigner, you're the one who is going to let people know how they can make a global change at a local level.

I'm game! Where do I sign up?

For more information and an application pack please email Joely Thomas on

The deadline for applications is midnight on Thursday 5 July

Campaigners also get free entry to the festival and evenings off to enjoy the best music.

For more information on Y Not festival:

Y Not festival website
Y Not on Facebook
Y Not on Twitter

Blog post written by Joely Thomas

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