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Your top comments this week

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer

1st Jun 2012

It's been a busy week in Oxfam's social media world. You've been sending us messages about Harry Hill's nuts, cocktail bars' wages, fundraisers' suncream and even the ethics of supporting Azerbaijan at Eurovision. Here are some of our favourite comments this week:

Green fashion blogger  One Green Dress put a note on our Facebook page to announce that she'll be blogging on Oxfam's Fashion Blog:

Good News!! I am happy to announce that One Green Dress has been chosen to make regular contributions to the Oxfam GB fashion blog as one of their new fashion bloggers!


It was great to read about Be At One Bar staff's birthday initiative to donate one hour of their wages to Oxfam. Did you know it's really easy for anyone to do "work for Oxfam"?

As a part of our birthday celabrations, we are all #WorkingForOxfam. Every one of our staff members will donate 1 hour's pay to @oxfamgb.

- B@1 (@BeAtOneBar) May 25, 2012

It was a big weekend for Oxfam events - fundarisers walked an epic 100km as part of Oxfam's Trailtrekker ran an astonishing 26.2 miles in the Edinburgh Marathon:

So happy to run for Oxfam at the Edinburgh 10K this morning! Thanks for everyones's support!
Joe Quinn, Facebook

It was great to read your encouraging comments for our hardy Trailtrekkers:

Darren Blackford: Don't fogot ya suncream folks. It's goin to be a hot one!
Sarah Gregory: Did it last year...truly epic! Enjoy!
Jola Kawka: Will be cheering you guys at the waterstop 3. See you there!
Jaime Brown: If I wasn't on the other side of the world, I'd be joining you. Hope it's spectacular!

@oxfamgb @tim_williamson Loving the #storify story of #ttrek12!

- WildFox Events (@WildFoxEvents) May 29, 2012

It was fab to see pics of Harry Hill selling his nuts in an Oxfam shop hit the Twittersphere:

Picture Special: Harry Hill At Oxfam (@OxfamGB) - pictures for Harry volunteering at store @

- Harry Hill Fansite (@harryhillfans) June 1, 2012

In fact, we were overwhelmed with comments about your shopping activities this week. Charity shopping is definitely not dead!

My other feel good habit is buying all books from the @oxfamgb book shop in Ealing. I make sure I take them back too #mums4good

- Charlotte Stoel (@Miss_Stoel) May 29, 2012

Found whilst sorting through some very old Enid Blyton books at @oxfamgb today! Might make it my new bookmark!…

- bundle of books (@bundleofbooks) May 28, 2012

Take your unwanted M&S clothes to @oxfamgb and get a £5 M&S voucher to spend on new ones!

- Joanna Ball (@JoannalBall) May 30, 2012

Love @oxfamgb ! Picked up some beautiful old bird books yesterday. Works of art in themselves

- Georgia Wilkinson (@jorjawdesign) June 1, 2012

5 great bargains from @oxfamgb bookshop in Sheffield. Inc book of world changing speeches-Churchill, Ghandi, FDR and somehow Bush #NotSoSure

- David Courcoux (@DavidCourcoux) May 25, 2012

Donated 3 massive bags of stuff to Chelsea @oxfamgb shop. There was a queue to donate. Hurrah #oxfam Hope my 4 teddybears find good homes!

- Jen (@JensMischief) May 27, 2012

A great way to start the week with an order from @OxfamGB and Oxfam Unwrapped you very much!

- Visionary Soap (@visionarysoap) May 28, 2012

Hmm, I want to change my credit card to an ethical co. Behold! donates to @oxfamgb! £30 if before 31 July!

- Allison McDonald (@AllisMcD) May 25, 2012

While we're talking CoOp, loads of you have been taking Co-Op and Oxfam's joint action to champion small scale farming. We've seen scores of tweets about this; so thanks for getting involved.

I joined @OxfamGB and @coop_poverty to champion small scale farming and coops #Rio20 #coops

- Gary Beckwith (@GaryBeckwith75) May 28, 2012

And finally, with a bit of Twitter-based reassurance from Oxfam, Pete Cory was reassured that he needn't boycott the Eurovision song content. We wouldn't want him to miss out. Phew!

@oxfamgb @petecory1 thanks for replying now I'll not feel guilty about watching

- Pete Cory (@PeteCory1) May 25, 2012

Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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