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Bodies of evidence on first day of UN Arms Trade Treaty conference

Posted by Rachel George Digital Campaigns Manager

3rd Jul 2012

The message from the first day of negotiations in New York City yesterday? Stop the 'body bag' approach to arms control.

Every day, 2000 people die around the world as a result of armed violence. Arms embargos are imposed far too late, when a situation is already at crisis point and the body bags are filling up. To symbolise this toll, Control Arms activists staged a 'die-in' in front of the world's press outside the United Nations building. 

Alistair's legacy

David Grimason's two year old son Alistair was shot and killed in 2003 while on holiday in Turkey, when a gunmen entered a cafe with an easily-acquired gun and illegally traded bullets. 

Yesterday, David was at the UN to urge world governments to show courage and refuse to compromise on a strong, effective Arms Trade Treaty that can stop millions of parents losing children like Alistair because of weapons falling into the hands of killers.

Watch David and the die-in:


Blog post written by Rachel George

Digital Campaigns Manager

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