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Strong women for a strong ATT

13th Jul 2012

Campaigning women in black with the Norwegian delegation

Each day, thousands of women face the brutal reality of violence which is exacerbated by the unregulated trade in small arms and light weapons.  Yesterday, Control Arms coalition members made it clear that an Arms Trade Treaty without specific, gender-based violence criteria is simply not bulletproof.

To draw attention to the injustice, women campaigners dressed in black and offered "Forget Me Not" flowers to diplomats from countries that would make statements in favor of including gender based violence in the Treaty. 

The delegates responded in full force - view more photos on the Control Arms Flickr

Representatives of Australia, Malawi, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Senegal, Kenya, Iceland, Ireland, Finland, the United Kingdom and others all accepted the symbolic flowers and agreed to push for specific gender criteria.

Momentum is building but we need to keep the pressure up

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