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Esther Jerome Mtegule - starting her own agricultural revolution

Posted by Tom Linden Campaigns Assistant

3rd Sep 2012

Introducing Female Food Hero winner 2011, Esther Jerome Mtegule from Mpwapwa in central Tanzania. She won first prize from over 7,000 nominations in the Tanzanian Food Heroes Competition.

Esther is a hard-working farmer who managed to increase her food productivity from five bags of groundnuts per year, to 75! This helped feed her whole village.

Her achievement received mass-media coverage and her story was followed by around 25 million people across Tanzania. It also led to her traveling internationally to talk about the vital role of small-scale women farmers.

"I will do everything to support women food producers. They bring peace and harmony in their families and a nation at large," Esther explains. "And they bring freedom. I assure you that a food insecure family is not a free family."

Her lobbying and campaigning for change has also seen Esther named one of Reuters' Top 10 Global Food Trailblazers.

Esther is also involved in the launch of the 2012 Food Heroes competition which is being run in partnership with a massively popular reality TV show. With prizes of solar panels, irrigation tools and harvesting machines, it's expected to attract over 25,000 women applicants.

Do you know a Food Hero? Are they hidden in your community? 

Blog post written by Tom Linden

Campaigns Assistant

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