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Food Power in the news

9th Aug 2012

A lovely Latitude festival goer shares an e-book to inspire families to (re)discover food

Over the summer we're asking festival goers across the UK to share their Food Power ideas - ways to eat, shop and grow our way to a fairer food future.

Check out some of the stories and articles that people have shared with us below, and if you've read something recently send it in to and we'll get it on here for everyone to read.

As you can see from the photo above, one of the lovely Latitude festival goers we met gave us the link to Mission Explore Food - an e-book about (re)discovering food. Use the code and it's free!

The Guardian wrote an article that coincided with the start of our Food Power summer, talking about the way people power is revolutionising the way we do food.

The People's Supermarket is one way of shopping more fairly. After the success of one in London, one has just opened down the road from Oxfam House here in Oxford. Be inspired by the idea and introduce it into your community!

Something else to celebrate - sales in sustainable fish have soared this summer, according to this article in the Guardian recently.

Help us spread the word about the ideas and alternatives happening all over the UK - send your articles and links to and we'll upload them here.