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Have your say: What should we blog about?

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer

24th Sep 2012

Regular readers of the Oxfam blog might have noticed my face popping up more and more frequently in recent weeks. I've been writing a lot, trying out new ideas, as we're doing our best to improve the blog.

A good blog, of course, isn't about the blogger, but you, the readers. (Apologies for sounding naff.) It's a place to start a debate, celebrate great work, and share ideas, successes and disappointments.

I want the Oxfam blog to be a space where you can see, discuss and share the activities and issues Oxfam works on and cares about; and where you feel encouraged and inspired to take action that will - in big ways or little - change the world.

But what about you? A blog isn't really a blog without readers who want to get involved; to comment and share and feed back. So what do you want to see?

Consider this a blank slate. What do you want to see more of? Less of? How should we let you know what we're writing about, and invite you to get involved? Let me know in the comments. In another post I'll share your thoughts and let you know how we're going to take on your ideas.


Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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