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Top 10 Oxfam videos

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer

25th Sep 2012

Oxfam loves the movies. We've got more than 500 videos on our channel and together people like you have watched them nearly 4 million times! For this week's chart, prepare to make it 4 million and ten - turn up the volume, ready your finger over that "share" button, and check out some of our favourite Oxfam videos.

1. Breakdancing pregnant women

With more than 1.3m views, this is our most popular video, and with good reason. No-one expected a group of heavily "pregnant" women to ascend on London's South Bank and throw some amazing shapes. But there was a serious message behind it: if you think this is dangerous, try giving birth in a poor country without a midwife, hospital or medicine.

2. Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal

Videos don't have to have high production values to hit home. This simple clip of Oxfam's Ian Bray introducing the devastating earthquake in Haiti in early 2010 captured the web's attention, and ultimately helped Oxfam support 1.1 million people's recovery.

3. The Banker

Celeb Bill Nighy took centre-stage for this video introducing the Robin Hood Tax - a tiny fee on banks that could generate hundreds of billions of pounds every year and support people at home and abroad. Bill puts in a great performance as a greedy banker on the back foot...

4. The Green Granny

Barbara Walmsley is one of our heroines. Not only has she fasted for 38 hours every year for 26 years, to raise money for Oxfam; she's also the "Green Granny", dishing out top tips to help us beat climate change one step at a time. Here she is showing you how to make the most of stale bread, mend clothes and get outdoors.

5. "Keeping up" the good work

We've sported some impressive videos in our time, but we think you'll get a real kick out of this one. A selection of the surprisingly talented public surfaces in Oxford city centre to show off their footy skills. It's all a little suspicious, but it's for a good cause: we made this video during the South Africa World Cup to tell world leaders not to "drop the ball" on aid.

6. Amir Khan in Pakistan

Poverty doesn't stand a chance with Amir Khan fighting it. The legendary boxer visited Pakistan with Oxfam after devastating floods hit in 2010; thanks to his support and your fundraising, we went to affected areas and built five brand new schools.

7. How Oxfam works

This one does what it says on the tin. Here's how Oxfam does what Oxfam does: working to overcome poverty and suffering, one step at a time.

8. Oxfam Unwrapped celebrity outtakes

In 2007, celebs including Helena Bonham Carter and Rob Brydon made an Oxfam ad decrying the horror of bad Christmas presents, asking people to buy our fab Oxfam Unwrapped gifts instead. Here's Helena and Rob corpsing and wisecracking in the outtakes.

9. "Thank you"

It's not all celebrity silliness or emergency responses. In December we made this short video to say thank you to our millions of amazing supporters, and show you just a little of the life-changing work you've helped bring about. If you haven't got a smile on your face or a tear in your eye by the end of this one, we don't know what'll do it.

10 ... ?

Over to you! Show us a great charity video - Oxfam's or not - in the comments and we'll blog about your choices later. And do share your favourite Oxfam videos on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can enjoy them too.

Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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