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Help Oxfam with a handbag - Shwop!

12th Oct 2012

shwop banner

From 11-17 October, shwop your old shoes and handbags in M&S and get £5 off women's new shoes, boots and bags*.

Shwopping is a great way of giving your old handbags and shoes a second life. Around 10,000 clothing items go to landfill every five minutes, but you can do something to help reduce this by joining the shwopping revolution at Marks & Spencer.

How shwopping works…

It's so easy to do - just bring your old shoes and handbags with you and hand them over at the till. M&S will give all your shwopped items to Oxfam.

Shoes and handbag donations are a vital part of how Oxfam raises money to help fight poverty. We use everything you donate - our recycling and sorting facility Wastesaver receives all the items that don't sell in Oxfam's shops, and sorts them for resale, reuse or recycling. Your shoes and bags could end up anywhere - whether it's the Oxfam Festival Shop or helping poor people in Senegal.

Find out more about what happens to Oxfam donations.


*Voucher worth £5 off a £35 spend on shoes, boots and bags when you shwop your old handbags and shoes 11-17 October 2012 in an M&S store. Full terms and conditions apply.