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What Obama's re-election means for the countries Oxfam works in

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer

7th Nov 2012

So Obama is back for another four years. Here's what the world had to say about his re-election, and the effects on some of the countries Oxfam works in:

"In his victory speech President Obama told Americans that 10 years of war were ending. But turbulence in the Middle East means that military action, perhaps even new wars, will push back on to his agenda. ... The Syrian war is leaking into neighbouring countries. Second term Obama is likely to authorise more support of the Syrian rebels, short of direct US military intervention. ... Another crisis between Israel and the Palestinians is overdue. When it comes, Obama will be tempted to revive the push for peace he abandoned in his first term."

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen

"I want to talk to Barack about ... how we must do more to try and solve this crisis [in Syria]."
David Cameron

"The question facing President Obama is how quickly do the remaining troops [in Afghanistan] come home, and how many are left here after 2014. Military commanders would like a more gradual withdrawal, and a force of 10,000 plus to remain. But the White House, with a renewed mandate, is likely to press for an accelerated exit, with fewer American soldiers and marines remaining to assist Afghan forces, after 2014."
Quentin Sommerville, BBC

"Many analysts on Pakistan's TV channels expect little change in US policy towards Pakistan. But one, Sami Ibrahim, told private Dunya TV that even though 'things are not great right now', the existing working relationship between Mr Obama's White House and Islamabad gave 'hope for improvement'. Another analyst, Nasim Zehra, was even more upbeat, saying Mr Obama's victory was a 'win' for Pakistan, as his administration and Islamabad have 'worked together' and 'developed a relationship'."

"The president hopes that Obama continues his efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East."
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas

"The start of the second term is likely to be preoccupied with more of the same: international efforts to remove Al-Qaeda-linked rebels from the north of Mali - by force or negotiation or both - and efforts to ensure that Zimbabwe and Kenya avoid repeating the violence that wrecked their last elections."
Andrew Harding, BBC

"Mr Obama's success is particularly resonant in Africa this morning because not only is he an African-American but the first American of immediate African descent to have not only ascended to, but succeeded in, the most powerful and challenging office in the world."
Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga

"Russia has received the news of President Obama's re-election with cautious optimism. ... There is concern in Washington at the current human rights situation in Russia; at the same time, there is suspicion in the Kremlin that the US is funding and supporting President Putin's opponents."
Steve Rosenberg, BBC

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Quotes taken from the BBC:

Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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