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Five things you should know about being the "Event Operations Intern"

Posted by Samantha Weston

9th Jan 2013

  1. If there is any surface that isn't green yet, you haven't finished.  The operations team is responsible for the materials used at all the running events. It's our job to make Oxfam as visible - and green - as possible. That includes you!
  2. Oxfam is a leading development charity - at 70 years old it's been round the block a few times. This makes it a great place to learn about how charities work as well as learning more about Oxfam in particular.
  3. Oxfam has amazing supporters and volunteers who make event days extra special. Everyone who comes out to help saves Oxfam money. They mean the sponsorship from the event can go towards making a difference around the world.
  4. It is always a good day for cake.  Everyone is in the same open plan office, which is a really friendly place to work. Cake and tea are vital parts of the team bonding.
  5. Foam hands are awesome, period.
As the Operations intern you are the support function for the team, which gives you the chance to get involved with everything and find out as much as you want to about how everything works.

You get firsthand experience of the whole process of putting on Oxfam's events. From sorting materials (including my personal favourites, the foam hands) to employing last minute PowerPoint presentation skills (which also requires nerves of steel as 200 people enter a room and the presentation isn't working yet!). There are also the social media and data handling aspects of recruiting and rostering volunteers (skills you'll need no matter what your next step is).

It's a chance to find out more about how Oxfam works, and there are opportunities to shadow people in other departments and ask as many questions as you can think of.

Oxfam is a great place to work. There is always something going on in the events team to keep you on your toes!