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Coldplay and Oxfam invite fans to star in the band's new video

Posted by Bob Ferguson Manager of creative alliances and music outreach

21st Feb 2013

Longtime supporters of Oxfam's work know that we have a long and creative history of working with our global ambassadors, Coldplay. This week, we've taken this collaboration to new creative heights with the announcement of a crowd-sourced project that asks fans of the band to contribute to a video highlighting the global injustice of land grabs. Every two days, an area of land the size of Chicago is sold to foreign investors in developing countries; two-thirds of those investors plan to export everything they produce on the land - in some cases, destroying local food supplies in places where food insecurity is already dangerously high and forcing many people to go hungry.

For their contributions to the video, participants will move a favourite, personal, or familiar item from their home to somewhere it doesn't belong, or do a personal, everyday, or familiar activity that they'd usually do at home, in totally the wrong place. The video, which will be set to an exclusive just-for-Oxfam acoustic version of the classic 'In My Place', will be stitched together by Coldplay's music video and film director Mat Whitcross.

Star in a video for Coldplay and Oxfam

Blog post written by Bob Ferguson

Manager of creative alliances and music outreach

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