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Another unforgettable London Marathon

Posted by Suzanne Rodrigues Editorial Assistant in Oxfam's Digital Communications Team

24th Apr 2013

I got up at 4.30am on Sunday and, along with colleagues from Oxfam's Events Team, headed straight to the British Academy. It was London Marathon day and we needed to get our post-race reception ready for our fantastic team of runners. The early start was completely worth it. The reaction of the runners as they arrived at the reception was unforgettable.

If you want to be part of Oxfam's 2014 London Marathon team, you can apply for a place today.

We had 190 runners taking part for Oxfam this year. Training and fundraising for a marathon is a huge commitment, so when our runners cross the finish line and they arrive at our post-race reception, we want to make sure they're given the welcome they deserve.

"I had one of the most incredible days of my life on Sunday. Thank you Oxfam for helping me make a dream come true."
Terry Jeeves

The banners are put out, the balloons blown up, the food cooked and the massage beds assembled. And then we wait for the runners to arrive.  When we get word that the first Oxfam runner is on their way, everyone rushes to the foyer in anticipation. When the runners arrives, they briefly stop outside the building to have their photo taken - medal firmly around their neck - and then they enter the building.  A huge roar of cheers, clapping and whooping goes up from the staff and volunteers. Oxfam's post-race reception has begun. 

There's nothing quite like it. It's one of the most amazing events to be involved in and you can't help but be inspired by everyone you meet. The runners, whose months of hard work and unbelievable commitment have brought them to this day and across the finish line. The volunteers who have given up their time to help make everything run smoothly. And my colleagues who are completely dedicated to making it a day to remember. Big sweaty hugs and high fives all round. 

This year's team of runners are on course to raise £300,000 for Oxfam's work around the world and we'll make sure it's put to very good use. Well done team of 2013.  You did Oxfam very, very proud.  Here's a little something to say a big thank you (the video was spotted by fellow blogger, Kirsty Marrins, in her post, 'Videos that inspire', which is nice. Oh, and that's Alex in the still image.  She's the brains behind our post-race reception):

Inspired?  You can apply for a place in the 2014 London Marathon today.

Blog post written by Suzanne Rodrigues

Editorial Assistant in Oxfam's Digital Communications Team

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