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Reema's question: Is there anyone out there to hear me?

Posted by Jane Beesley Programme Communications - Humanitarian

19th Jun 2013

Two questions Reema asked keep coming back to me. "Are you seeing what is happening in Syria?" and "What would you tell the children of Syria about their country?"

In her little green book there is a drawing. It's an eye shedding tears and its title is Tears of a Child.  Above the drawing there is another of Reema's poems.  She is particularly eloquent in her poetry and in this one, entitled Save the Children, she asks more questions:

Who will hear my sorrow in exile?
Who will understand my patience and helplessness?

My patience is running out
My eyes can shed no more tears
Is there anyone to hear my voice?
Is there anyone to care about my childhood
And have mercy on me?

Help me Arabs!
Help me children of Syria!

Take me back to my house
My garden
My country

Give me back my schoolbag, my books,
My pens, my coloured pencil box

Give me back my smile, my friend, my school

Take me back, take me back
To my homeland

Is there anyone out there to hear me?
Is there anyone out there to hear me?

So my own question is, what answers would you give Reema?

I hope, over the last few weeks, you feel you have got to know Reema.  Now that I've left Lebanon I want to leave the last word about Reema, for the time being, to Reema herself.  At the back of her little green book is the following,

I wrote these words
Hoping that someone will hear me
And will have mercy on the child who wrote them
For she couldn't hide them
Although she tried to be patient,
Her patience is running out
She wants her schoolbag again
She longs to see her best friend
From whom she was separated by exile.

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Programme Communications - Humanitarian

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