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When the Big IF came to town

Posted by Helen Turner Oxfam Media Officer in the North

4th Jun 2013

Did you see the Big IF's flying visit to Manchester? As part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign we decided to spread the word far and (very) high.

Having alighted the metro in Manchester - the Big IF decided to take a trip on the Starflyer...  

And after queuing, had a panoramic view of Manchester City Centre...

The Big IF marks the start of the build up to the G8. It's happening on the 8th June - the same day as David Cameron's Hunger Summit and is a real chance to save millions of lives. So come and join us in Hyde Park for the Big IF Rally!

Want to get stuck in? You can still Sign up to volunteer as a planter or builder for the installation in the run up to the event.

And join our Thunderclap to help us spread the word!

Blog post written by Helen Turner

Oxfam Media Officer in the North

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