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IdeasTap Exposure Photo Competition

Posted by Eleanor Farmer Multimedia Project Manager

25th Sep 2013

The Exposure competition offers three female members of the arts charity IdeasTap the opportunity to undertake a commission for Oxfam on a mission abroad, as well as mentoring from Magnum photographers and £1,000, all funded by IdeasTap. One of the judges, Oxfam Multimedia Project Manager Eleanor Farmer, announces the winners and explains what made their applications stand out.

We were really impressed with the number and quality of entries, the applicants' understanding of the issues Oxfam strives to highlight and their commitment to the subject.  

Our winners, Bes Young, Ella Dickinson and Emily Macinnes, showed they have the ability to make connections between what the camera can record - light and surface - and the narrative possibilities of a photo series. We were looking for good technical skills, but most importantly the ability to make and edit a series of images that tell a story. The winning entrants demonstrated a strong desire to say something about their subject through photography and we think they will greatly benefit from this opportunity to work with Oxfam and a Magnum photographer to develop their skills further.

The four judges; Fiona Rogers, Magnum's Cultural and Education Manager; Abbie Trayler-Smith, photographer; Amy Christian, Oxfam Project Manager and I would also like to highly commend applications from Clémentine Schneidermann, Maria Gruzdeva, Lauren DeCicca, Tina Remiz, and Marta Tucci. It was a pleasure to see their work. Picture editors, take note!  

Emily Macinnes

Emily Macinnes submitted Issah's Story, a series of observations of a man receiving cataract surgery in Ghana. She made a strong edit - clearly showing the different stages of the operation but at the same time capturing the tension and isolation associated with the procedure. Emily engaged really well with the subject in a short space of time and her pictures convey a sense of Issah's patience and endurance.

Emily will be travelling with Oxfam to Armenia to document the regeneration of a jam factory which will help improve the livelihoods of women in Tavush. The trip will coincide with the fruit and berry harvest. Emily will be mentored by Magnum photographer Christina Garcia Rodero.

Ella Dickinson

Ella Dickinson presented My Vote is My Voice, exploring the opinions and desires of politically active young Kenyans. Ella chose a really interesting subject and demonstrated her ability to seek out scenarios that help to tell the story. From campaign posters, to empty seats, vote counting, election rallies, and portraits of young Kenyans, Ella's work made us think about democracy and election promises.      

Ella will be travelling to Chad to cover Oxfam's programme work which aims to improve food security for communities affected by successive droughts. She will be mentored by the Magnum photographer Bieke Depoorter.

Bes Young

Meanwhile, Bes Young's work, We Find Beauty, explores the role home plays in the lives of older women. Bes has a great eye for colour and detail and she makes interesting connections between her subject's immediate environment, and the inevitable change of pace in life, as we grow older. We admired the commitment she has to her subject area, the gentle humour in her photographs, and her ability to capture our attention with domestic details.

Bes will be working in Sri Lanka to document Oxfam's work to improve livelihoods by establishing and supporting dairy co-operatives. She will be mentored by Magnum's Olivia Arthur.      

We are really looking forward to working with the competition winners - seeing how their work progresses on the assignments and following the mentoring session with the Magnum photographers. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with new talent. We are very excited about our collaboration with Magnum and IdeasTap and look forward to seeing the stories and images the photographers bring back.   


Blog post written by Eleanor Farmer

Multimedia Project Manager

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