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Help us win £50,000 to fund our fantastic work in the UK

Posted by Joana Martinho Communications Officer, UK Poverty

8th Oct 2013

Oxfam is known for its work in over 90 countries around the world, but did you know that we also work with some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK?

You can help us fund more of this work.

This is because the Postcode Lottery will give £50,000 to the most voted charity working in the UK in their Vote that Counts competition. Ok, I think we are not going to win, but we just need to get in the top 5 to get £10,000.

You can help us win £10,000 to fund our work in the UK by voting for us right now. All you have to do is go to, select Oxfam and enter your details. It's as simple as that.

And if you share your vote on Facebook and Twitter via the Vote That Counts website, you can automatically earn us an extra vote! Please vote for Oxfam, and ask your friends and family to make their vote count for Oxfam as well!

If we get in the top 5 most voted charities, we could fund more projects like the one we run with partner Glyncoch Community Regeneration in Wales. Rhian Anderson (pictured) teaches parenting classes so local primary school children get the home support they need to succeed at school. This is also having an impact on their parents' own hopes and dreams, and inspiring them to do things like train for a new job, or improve their literacy skills.

£10,000 could make a huge difference to the people of Glyncoch, so please vote for us!

Blog post written by Joana Martinho

Communications Officer, UK Poverty

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