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An incredible year for Oxjam in the North West

Posted by Anna Sigurdsson Oxjam Marketing Executive

7th Nov 2013

It's been a busy nine months for all the Oxjammers in the North West!  In fact, there has been so much going on; it's hard to know where to start.

We have had art auctions in Bury, psychic nights in Lancaster, Mancunican flash mobs, ladies nights in Sheffield, face painting in Liverpool and that's just the Takeover Teams!  Oxjam Takeover Teams are made up of fantastic volunteers who organise lots of fundraising events in the run up to their main event - multi-venue mini-festivals on one weekend in October.

There have also been some amazing events organised by our fantastic Oxjam Gig Makers. Hull held a five day Oxjam extravaganza that was streamed around the world.  Community radio station, Phase One in Macclesfield held an impressive 26 events throughout October, finishing off their Oxjam marathon with a huge Halloween party.  And returning Oxjam legends in Hoylake fundraised more this year than ever before - they have even started planning next year's event.

The award for the most adrenaline-fuelled fundraiser in the North West definitely goes to the Sheffield abseil. It took a bit of persuading (I don't mind admitting) but eventually, I agreed to join in. The bridge was 90 foot high which seemed even higher when I was at the top but we all walked straight off the end and even opted to do it again and again!

It's been an amazing year for Oxjam in the North West and we all want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part.

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Written by Kylie Morrison

Blog post written by Anna Sigurdsson

Oxjam Marketing Executive

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