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Oxfam reactive to EU biofuels debate today

Posted by Georgette Thomas Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

13th Dec 2013

Commenting on the inability of EU Energy Ministers to agree a deal to reform EU biofuels and cap food-based biofuels at 5 percent of the renewable transport fuel target, David Taylor, Oxfam's Economic Justice Policy Advisor said:

"Today's failure to reach a decision to reform the EU's biofuels policy is bad news for poor people and for the environment as food will continue to be diverted from stomachs into fuel tanks.

 "The UK government should have done more to secure the ambitious deal the Prime Minister said he wanted. The government now needs to work hard alongside other countries to ensure an agreement is reached soon which drives down the use of food-based biofuels."  

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Notes to editors:

In October last year, the European Commission proposed amending the EU's Renewable Energy Directive by introducing a 5% limit for counting food crop-based biofuels towards the 10% target for renewable energy in transport fuels by 2020, improving sustainability criteria and promoting the use of advanced biofuels. In September, the European Parliament voted for a 6% cap. A final deal between the European Parliament and EU Member States must be struck in the coming months. With the lack of agreement by EU governments today, the decision-making process gets delayed. Another opportunity to amend the EU's current biofuels policy will wait until after the European Parliament elections in May and the Italian EU Presidency which will kick off in July.

Blog post written by Georgette Thomas

Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

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