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Oxfam's reaction to the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference

9th Dec 2013

Romain Benicchio, Senior Policy Advisor with Oxfam, said: 

"The Bali package is hardly going to make a difference for poor countries but at least it keeps the negotiations on food security alive. However a peace clause can't be the end of the story and negotiators now have to find a long term solution to change the rigged rules that stand in the way of developing countries food security policies." 

"The Trade facilitation agreement is certainly no game changer for the poor, its gains have been grossly overestimated, while the costs of implementation for poorer countries were completely ignored. " 

"The LDC specific decisions are unlikely to make an economic difference for poor countries. It is all best endeavour language, which is the trade negotiators equivalent of crossing fingers behind your back." 


For more information, please contact: 

Romain Benicchio (in Geneva):, tel: +41797979990 

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