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Oxjam Interview Series - Greg Fearn

Posted by Anna Sigurdsson Oxjam Marketing Executive

2nd Jan 2014

2013 saw Oxjam's biggest year to date, with hundreds of events going on up and down the country throughout October, all united by three simple things: good music, good people, and a good cause. This year we wanted to hear from some of the individuals that made it happen, and what it meant to them.

Gig Maker, Greg Fearn: Oxjam at the University of York

"I first heard about Oxjam during my second year of University.  I was spending my time buried in books as usual whilst listening to Spotify and I was really intrigued by the 'Oxjam Gig Maker' advert.  I have always had a huge passion for music and have been to a number of live gigs. I have organised social events at school before and thought that I could use this knowledge to raise money for a great cause whilst doing something I really loved, music.

The first thing I did was create a Facebook group.  I added all of my friends to ask if any of them were interested in helping with any part of the event. After this I created a smaller group of people who had shown an interest in helping and a separate group of people made up of people with friends who were in bands or were DJs

Planning my Oxjam event was extremely time-consuming. I made sure I kept on top of things and dealt with things as soon as possible instead of allowing for them to build up. Furthermore, I made sure that I assigned people roles so that I wasn't doing everything.  This meant that I was able to balance all my commitments and deal with any problems which arose.

We decided to fundraise in the lead up to our event by positioning ourselves around campus with collection buckets.  This was also a good opportunity to explain our event to people. We advertised our event extremely well. First we used Facebook to create an event and called in favours from friends who posted the event on their respected groups, such as sports teams and course pages. We put posters up in our venue and also around campus. We also gave flyers to the companies who had given us prizes for our raffle which they handed out with their bills or at their tills.

Oxjam were great at every step, always giving me every bit of information I needed.  It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to make it come together so I would advise other Gig Makers to ensure they have a good support network around them.

I have learned a lot through putting on an Oxjam event.  I have learned how to maintain focus, even with a lot of different things going on at the same time. I have also learned how to negotiate with venues, bands and businesses so that I could get good prices. Finally I have learned how to overcome obstacles which at first seem daunting but in reality just require a little common sense.

I would definitely do it all again for Oxjam."

In three words, can you summarise what Oxjam means to you?

Teamwork, commitment and best of all, fun!

If you'd like to put on a gig for Oxjam but don't know where to start, then please Sign up for your free Gig Maker Pack.

Blog post written by Anna Sigurdsson

Oxjam Marketing Executive

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