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A great opportunity with Oxjam

Posted by Anna Sigurdsson Oxjam Marketing Executive

4th Feb 2014

The Oxjam Regional Coordinator position is a fantastic opportunity so I'm going to share a bit about my experience with Oxjam 2013.  One of the great things about volunteering as a Regional Coordinator is that you can tailor it towards any skills you'd like to develop, at the same time as doing important work for Oxfam.  And unlike a lot of work experience, it's a lot of fun too!

I'm a student in Cardiff with an interest in third sector work, and wanted some work experience in the summer before my final year.  I came across the Oxjam Regional Coordinator role and knew I wanted to apply straight away.  A combination of supporting a charity at the same time as helping out with a music festival? Pretty cool.  I couldn't believe my luck when I got one of the roles.  I headed down to a training weekend at Oxjam HQ and began my Oxjam experience along with eight other Regional Coordinators around the UK.

I started in April, doing a couple of days a week at the regional Oxfam office whilst continuing with my degree. The role is really flexible as it is part-time and everyone understood that we had other commitments outside of Oxjam.  It's a really great way to meet some amazing people and I spent a lot of time in contact with the other Regional Coordinators and all the Oxjam volunteers that make Oxjam Music Festival happen.  A lot of my time was spent in meetings, by phone or by email, so my communication skills really improved.  I also gained experience in marketing and promotion by running the Oxjam Wales social media pages, and helping promote all the Oxjam events across the region.  The role involves supporting volunteers who put on Oxjam events almost cost-free so there are plenty of challenges along the way!  However, with support from Oxfam and my managers, I really developed my problem solving skills.

Towards the end of my time with Oxjam, and after getting to know all the volunteers in my region, it was really rewarding to go to their final Oxjam events - including some 'Oxjam Takeovers', multi-venue gigs, which happen on one weekend in October, all over the UK.  Going to gigs and enjoying bands is a great part of the role!  Overall, one of the best things about being a Regional Coordinator for me was the people I met.  You really feel a part of Oxjam Music Festival as a whole, not just within your town or region.  It is amazing to meet so many people, of all ages and personalities, all working together to raise money for Oxfam through music.  If you want to support Oxfam, gain some valuable experience and get involved in a national music festival, apply for this role… you won't regret it!

Written by Sarah Momber

We are searching for 11 Oxjam Regional Coordinators all over the UK.

Deadline for applications is Sunday 9th February.

Click here for more information.

Blog post written by Anna Sigurdsson

Oxjam Marketing Executive

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