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South Sudan: Race against famine

9th Jul 2014

Kulang is three, the same age as South Sudan which is marking its independence today. Fierce fighting has forced him and a over a million others from their homes. Join Oxfam on Twitter to hear his family's story.

Kulang and his parents Elizabeth and Gatluack are living in a camp with 18,000 displaced people struggling for food, water and shelter. Today we'll be telling the story of Elizabeth, one of thousands of mums forced to flee their homes, on the @OxfamGB Twitter account.

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The conflict, now in its seventh month, has caused more than 400,000 people to flee into neighbouring countries, on top of the 1.1 million people internally displaced like Kulang. The land so recently celebrated as providing the South Sudanese with their freedom is no longer safe. 

At present the UN appeal for aid to South Sudan is less than half funded and the risk of famine could mean the disaster spirals out of control.

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Image: 3 year old Kulang Choul with his parents Gatluack and Elizabeth. Kulang is the same age as South Sudan marking its independence on 9 July. Now living displaced in a camp in the capital Juba, he is supported by Oxfam and other aid agencies. Credit: Andreea Campeanu