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Announcing Oxfam's 100km blog...

Posted by Matt Gilbert 100km Events Marketing Executive

12th Aug 2014

Welcome to the 100km events blog! Here we'll be talking everything Trailwalker and Trailtrekker, from training tips to event weekend round-ups. Great to have you aboard, and here's our kick off post:

Hello and welcome to our brand new blog where we'll be posting about Oxfam's two 100km team challenges - Trailwalker and Trailtrekker. This year's events have both taken place, with Trailtrekker back in May and Trailwalker just two weeks back. Both went really well and the weather was brilliant across both weekends, with all the participants, support crew, volunteers and staff thoroughly enjoying themselves. Roll on 2015!

But before that, here's a little more about Trailwalker event weekend. 

Friday - Registration

Registration was on Friday evening, and picking up the packs really seemed to bring it home that the challenge was just hours away. Excitement increased further as Major Jon Malcolm and Mark Goldring (our CEO) spoke to the assembled masses - both really inspiring. After that it was time for food and music before bedtime for all involved. Trailwalker was to properly start in the morning.

Saturday - The epic challenge

With all of the pomp and ceremony on Friday, each start was accompanied by comparatively little on Saturday morning. Just a final good luck, a 10 second countdown and then they were off. Between 6 and 10am, 304 teams started their epic challenge to cross the South Downs in less than 30 hours.

The weather was as beautiful as the surroundings for the rest of the day, with barely a cloud in the sky and temperatures reaching 28°C. Although this was actually a bit too hot for the walkers, none of them complained, just carried on trekking and slapped on the suncream!

As evening turned to night, the temperature dipped somewhat and the South Downs went dark; all except for the tiny specks of light given off by the walkers' headtorches and attached glowsticks. It really is a sight to behold. The night sections are notoriously tough, and the crews at Checkpoints 7 & 8 did their utmost to keep the walkers' spirits up with plenty of energy, cheesy tunes and some all important cheers.

Sunday - The ultimate reward

Finally Sunday morning came about, and a steady stream of elated finishers started. Indeed, by 3:30pm 184 teams of 4 had finished the course together, with 968 finishers in total. So many happy (and exhausted) people crossing the finish line was just brilliant, especially when considering it was one of the hottest weekends of the year. Scenes like the below really epitomise Trailwalker's motto - "pain is temporary, pride is forever".

Thanks again to all involved, and here's hoping for another amazing event in 2015.

Blog post written by Matt Gilbert

100km Events Marketing Executive

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