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Demand an end to indiscriminate attacks in Syria

Posted by Camilla Jelbart Mosse Syria Crisis Campaign Manager

18th Sep 2014

No film will ever capture the gruesome reality of daily attacks on schools, hospitals, and homes in Syria. Reports of yet another deadly rocket attack do not tell us of the constant fear and grief the indiscriminate use of weapons causes for Syrian civilians every day.

Syria remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a civilian. Improvised weapons - like barrels full of explosives or mortars made from gas cylinders - cannot be targeted, and so make no distinction between civilians and fighters.

Yet more than six months after the UN Security Council demanded an end to these indiscriminate attacks, they are being used more frequently - including on schools, hospitals, and shelters. Under International Humanitarian Law civilians should never be targeted. We need the international community to use their power to ensure international law is respected. As world leaders pack their bags to head to New York for the UN General Assembly next week, where Syria will be high on the agenda, we must urge them to redouble their diplomatic efforts to bring an end to indiscriminate attacks.

This week, a new film from the #WithSyria campaign portrays a rocket hitting a school playground. The scene is nothing short of the real catastrophe that has been taking place for more than three years. But bombs do not fall from the sky without intention, design and supply.

The opening session of the United Nations General Assembly is an opportunity to pause and acknowledge the responsibility all states play in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today and how they can take further steps to see words translate on the ground for the millions affected by this worsening crisis. As the violence gets worse, please use your power to hold the Security Council to its word.

Read Oxfam's latest report on Syria for more on how the international response is failing the people of Syria and what governments around the world must immediately do, including halting all arms transfers that continue to fuel the conflict, and stepping up aid and resettlement for refugees to ease the humanitarian suffering in the short-term.

"It is very difficult to see a mother who lost her child or children living such circumstances where the boom of explosions are heard continuously. There are children who wake up to find their parents dead, or to find themselves trapped under rubble." - Khaled

Blog post written by Camilla Jelbart Mosse

Syria Crisis Campaign Manager

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Camilla Jelbart Mosse