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Abdullah Ampilan

Community Mobiliser and Public Health Promoter, Response and Resilience Team

Abdullah (aka Duoi) started his journey as a community and humanitarian aid worker with Oxfam in Mindanao, Philippines in 2002. He left his comfort zone as a teacher and a nurse to do humanitarian and development work in and outside of his country mostly with Oxfam. He loves writing stories of people and places where he works. He is inspired by the efforts of ordinary women, men and children affected by disasters and conflicts in rebuilding their lives and livelihood. 

All posts by Abdullah Ampilan

"I’m a donkey with a smile": The story of an aid worker in Yemen

Humanitarian worker Duoi Ampilan explains why, despite the dangers and the distress, he still loves his job - and does all he can to make sure your support reaches as many people as possible. ...

2,200 households better off in South Sudan

With failed rains, conflict and poor infrastructure, many communities in South Sudan struggle to get enough to eat. Abdullah Ampilan reports from Warrap State on an Oxfam project to improve their...