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Ali Sameer

Regional Public Affairs Assistant - Oxfam North of England

I am Oxfam's Regional Public Affairs Assistant for the North of England. I previously worked as a Constituency Campaigner for Oxfam after completing an internship position at Save the Children UK. 

All posts by Ali Sameer

Manchester is asking for peace for Syria

Sitting in the Imperial War Museum North last Wednesday evening, surrounded by exhibits and memorabilia from former world wars I couldn't help but wonder if we were on the brink of another. ...

Campaigners making their voice heard at Liberal Democrats Party Conference

Join the movement for change and become a constituency campaigner

The vote in Parliament last week on military intervention in Syria showed us how powerful the British Parliament can be and what a difference just one vote can make to  political decisions...

Manchester loves Syria

Oxfam activists Ali Sameer and Carmel Ganner shared their love for Syria in Manchester at the Social Liberal Forum in Manchester. Here is their report of how the LOVE SYRIA campaign was welcomed.  ...

Craven’s Skipton Event: Enough Food IF We Raise Our Voice, IF We Act Together

The IF campaign is not only reaching out to millions of people who go to bed hungry every night in developing countries but it's reaching the far corners of Britain such as Skipton, where Craven...