Erinch Sahan

Head of Food & Climate Policy and Campaigns (interim)

Erinch Sahan

Erinch currently leads Oxfam GB's work on policy and campaigning on food and climate change.

Since 2011, Erinch has been a private sector adviser who works across Oxfam's programme and campaigning work.He specialises in the links between business and poverty, with a focus on agriculture and the rural economy. He advises policy-makers, businesses, campaigners and programme managers on how to leverage business and markets to better tackle poverty. He is currently working with Oxfam's Enterprise Development Programme to improve its broader impacts. He leads Oxfam's work on scoring the policies of the world's largest food and beverage companies in the Behind the Brands campaign and continues to work directly with companies across multiple sectors to help them better understand their poverty impacts and develop new business models.

Before joining Oxfam, Erinch worked for the Australian government (AusAID) on market-based aid programmes in Indonesia. Prior to entering the development world, he worked as a market strategist at Procter & Gamble and ran a start-up furniture business in Australia. 

Erinch's academic background is in Law and Finance.

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