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Joana Martinho

Communications Officer, UK Poverty

All posts by Joana Martinho

Help us win £50,000 to fund our fantastic work in the UK

Oxfam is known for its work in over 90 countries around the world, but did you know that we also work with some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK? ...

The impact of austerity – and the alternatives

If you've seen the news in the last few days, you'll have no doubt come across the headlines that say the UK "has turned a corner", and that we are on the road to economic recovery....

New infographic: Just what could £5.2bn of tax dodging pay for in the UK?

Today is the deadline for many people, maybe some of you too, to submit their tax returns to HMRC. Many people pay tax in the UK, but not everyone plays fair. Some people in the UK cheat: they illegally...