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Katy Wright

Head of Global External Affairs

Katy Wright

Katy is head of global external affairs at Oxfam. She has been at Oxfam for five years, mostly working in UK Government Relations. Her background is in political campaigning and parliamentary advocacy, having previously worked for the Electoral Reform Society, Amnesty International, and DeHavilland information services - and as Oxfam's Parliamentary Adviser. 

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Down but not out!

I'm afraid the Lobbying Bill is now the Lobbying Act. It was a suitably dramatic finish to the end of the campaign to fight the Lobbying Bill: The House of Lords voted exactly equally...

Credit: UK Parliament/Flcikr

Still more to do on the Lobby Bill...

The Lobbying Bill: YES there are STILL things wrong with it, NO we're still not happy and NO the campaign isn't over. Since we last blogged about the 'Lobbying Bill'...

Syria crisis: The story of Manal

Katy Wright is our Head of UK Government Relations. She recently travelled to Lebanon with women's rights campaigner, Lady Fiona Hodgson, and Oxford MP and Oxfam Association Member, Nicola Blackwood....

Justine Greening at the Enough food for everyone IF Parliamentary launch

Enough food for everyone IF… we take Parliament by storm!

I remember starting to tell some MPs and Peers that a big, new "joint campaign on food and hunger" was coming about a year ago. "It's going to be huge. You're going to want...