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Sara Cowan

Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

All posts by Sara Cowan

Pregnancy and childbirth: It's a woman's right to choose

It's good to have a choice. Whether it's between tea or coffee, chocolate or fruit and condoms or the Pill. In fact when it comes to planning a family it's not just good that we...

From Scotland to the world: Fighting climate change

A friend from London and I have a long standing joke about how great we Scots are as inventors. We are certainly a small nation that likes to lead the way: the T.V, telephone and tarmac - and...

Sahel Crisis: It Matters to Me, I Hope it Matters to You

Oxfam has just launched an urgent campaign action in response to the Sahel crisis. We only do this occasionally when there is a situation where peoples' lives are at risk and where there is an...