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Sarah Watson

Campaign Project Manager

Sarah Watson

I project manage Oxfam's climate change campaign in the UK. I'm based in the Glasgow office.

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Five things you need to know about COP22

At 2am on Saturday 19 November, the gavel came down on COP22 in Marrakech. Billed as the conference for action and implementation, coming soon after the ratification of the Paris Agreement, what...

Virginia Ñuñonca

One woman’s story of fighting climate change – and how you can join her

"I see the climate is changing a lot," says Virginia Ñuñonca (pictured above), a farmer and community leader in the Peruvian highlands. "Before it wasn't like this. Sometimes these...

Meeting Nick Clegg, dressed as a banana

Guest post by Oxfam campaigner Jill: Last week I was dressed as a banana, this week I'm handing in a petition to Nick Clegg asking him to join 'Team Betty' Monday May Bank...

What happens when you take an action with Oxfam? The Rio hand in

As a campaigning organisation we regularly ask you, our supporters, to sign action cards and petitions or take online actions. But what happens to those actions after you take them? Over...