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Shaheen Chughtai

Deputy Head of Humanitarian Policy and Campaigns

Shaheen Chughtai

Shaheen conducts advocacy in the UK; briefing government officials, journalists, campaigners and others on a range of humanitarian topics and related development and human rights issues. His work aims to ensure people affected by conflict and disasters obtain the assistance and protection they need. He has particular expertise and field experience in relation to the Middle East and Asia and sometimes travels overseas when extra support is needed, including in major new emergencies. He also provides advocacy-policy guidance to colleagues and manages several other humanitarian policy advisers.

Previously, Shaheen was Oxfam GB's humanitarian policy adviser for South Asia, based in Nepal, conducting missions to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan. While based in South Asia, he also went on emergency deployments to Lebanon (Israel-Hizbullah conflict 2006) and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Israel-Gaza conflict 2008-09).

In his previous career, Shaheen was a journalist for nine years - mainly in the Middle East - for various print, online and broadcast media, including Aljazeera International (whose English website he helped launch in 2003). He holds a BA in Arabic and History and an MSc in International politics of Asia and Africa from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

See Shaheen's blogs and publications below. For more blogs, see the Oxfam International and the Guardian sites.

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