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Date: Sep 2014

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The people walked the walk. Global leaders talked the talk. Now it’s time for our leaders to walk the talk.

We marched. On Sunday 21st September, just days ahead of the Ban Ki-moon Climate Summit in New York, Oxfam supporters joined 40,000 people marching at the People's Climate March in London....

Gaza: From ceasefire to searching for a just lasting peace

Campaigns Director Ben Phillips gives a personal reflection on the ongoing challenge to bring lasting peace to Gaza. ...

"Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing our world" - David Cameron, 2014

We are drawing the line here. A look back on the 2014 climate summit

Efforts to tackle climate change through the international talks have been going on for an epic 22 years - and so many of the people who follow them have by now developed tough skins after years...


The Peoples Climate March is just the beginning

What do we want? A climate deal! When do we want it? Now! The next time someone says that no one cares about climate change, let's remind them about the time that 40,000 people took over...

Three easy steps to send a climate message to Cameron

David Cameron is attending the UN Climate Summit in New York next week. This is great news, especially when some other leaders are staying away, and we now need to urge him to take a strong stand...


Why I'll be marching with you at the People's Climate March


Demand an end to indiscriminate attacks in Syria

No film will ever capture the gruesome reality of daily attacks on schools, hospitals, and homes in Syria. Reports of yet another deadly rocket attack do not tell us of the constant fear and grief...


When even Middle England sees demand quadruple: An everyday food bank story

I thought of my own sad little middle class story of financial desperation. My first job in advertising and I was having to say no to a small portion of processed cheese in a grisly Southampton market....


Why ending the global tax dodge matters

May 2015 is an exciting chance for us all to believe in democracy again.  That sounds sarcastic but I really do like to indulge in the belief that our elected representatives, whoever they may...

Remember a charity in your will week. 8-14 September 2014

Remember a Charity in Your Will Week

Oxfam relies on our legendary supporters to campaign, volunteer, fundraise, donate and shop so that we can continue our life-changing and life-saving work around the world. We wanted to let you know...

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