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Subject: debt

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Robin Hood Tax Campaigners

Oxford calls for a Robin Hood Tax

Robin Hood Tax campaigners in Oxford have taken to the streets to stage some very unusual theatre. Joella Lynch reports on a day spent surprising strangers and chasing bankers around the...

There's an economic crisis on – but you can still choose to fight poverty

Times are tough. The economy's back in recession. It's an age of austerity. So far, so familiar. But Oxfam's new report on UK poverty tells us two important things that we hope...

Sir Tom: Talk to the people with low paid, poor quality jobs

Sir Tom Hunter isn't the only person who passes judgement on people he doesn't know. We all do it occasionally.  But Sir Tom is rich and successful. So people listen when...

Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working

A new Oxfam supported book, Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working, is looking at alternatives to current European austerity drive. ...

Haiti on my mind: A daughter of the diaspora looks back

A friend once asked me what makes Haiti so different from other Caribbean countries. My response was "the struggle." ...

Haiti: Two years after the quake, some change but the pace is slow

Caroline Gluck retraces her steps and finds that the challenges many people in Haiti faced in the wake of the 2010 earthquake continue to persist - as does their hope for change. ...

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