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Subject: recycling

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Kingston, Eric and recycled plastic #perouskenya

Today we visited a different part of Mukuru, an area called Kingston. We went to meet Eric, a youth group leader and operations manager of an Oxfam-funded recycling plant.  I was struck by Eric's...

Food heroes are serving up some local food solutions!

With Oxfam's UK Poverty Program warning of a 'perfect storm' of welfare cuts and spiralling living costs and Oxfam campaigners taking to the streets to explain why one in seven people...

Caroline Lucas handing over her donations to Oxfam

Caroline Lucas on charity shopping, donating to Oxfam and a more sustainable future

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas recently joined Oxfam staff and volunteers in Brighton to champion charity shopping and donating to Oxfam. In the run-up of Rio+20, the UN conference on sustainable...

A dress fit for a Queen!

As part of the Jubilee celebrations, Val Griffiths, Oxfam's Trading Area Manager who has worked with Oxfam for over 30 years received an invitation of a life time to celebrate her achievements...

Shwop 'til you drop with M&S and Oxfam

If you're anything like most people, your wardrobe is probably full of hidden gems - clothes you don't want, clothes that don't fit, clothes you've simply gone off... But there's...

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