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Are we changing lives?

Right now, Oxfam is working on more than 1,000 projects worldwide. You make that possible. But how can we be sure that we're really making a difference? We're incredibly serious about assessing...

Campaigners call for developing countries to have an equal say on global tax rules (Oxfam/ActionAid, 2015)

What's the UK’s role in fixing the broken international tax system?

The global tax system is broken. Multinational corporations are taking advantage of rigged global tax rules to avoid paying their fair share, while ordinary citizens and small businesses in rich...

Election 2015

Poverty, inequality, and the next UK government


Tax Haven campaigning is fun

Tax justice campaigning in 2013

Why campaign on tax?  At a conservative estimate, tax havens contribute to revenue losses for developing countries of at least US$50 billion per year. To put this figure in context, it...

Campaigners outside the ABF AGM

Campaign action report: Associated British Foods AGM

Last Friday might not have been a big date on everyone's festive calendar, but for Oxfam supporters from around the UK it was time to join one yearly party in style: the Annual General Meeting...

Coke listened graphic

World’s biggest sugar buyer, Coca-Cola, agrees zero tolerance to land grabs

In a landmark agreement, today Coca-Cola announced that they'd listened to the 225,000 people who asked them to make sure the sugar they buy isn't produced on land grabbed from some of the...

Campaiging on tax as part of the IF coalition at the G8

The beginning of the end of tax secrecy?

With the weather now firmly autumnal, it might seem like a long time has passed since David Cameron and the other G8 leaders stood on the banks of Loch Erne and pledged to work on tax dodging. But in reality...

Taking Behind the Brands to Coca-Cola's HQ

Behind the Brands launch - a volunteer's point of view

By Ipek Gencsu, Oxfam GB volunteer Last week I took part in the launch of the latest action of the Behind the Brands Campaign (I'm in the grey suit!). Dressed up as 'sugar inspectors'...

Sprite and Coca-Cola in Cambodia

Blog Action Day: Do you have a flag? Land and human rights

In a brilliant sketch from his Dressed to Kill tour, Eddie Izzard satirises colonial land grabs. "We stole countries," he says, "that's how you start an empire." It turns...

Somali campaigners outside Barclays HQ in London

Somali campaigners call for Barclays back-pedal

I was on my bike very early this morning to join a group of Somali campaigners who are calling on Barclays to keep open the cash lifeline to Somalia. ...

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