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Tag: biofuels

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Putney Bake Club discuss Fairtrade and IF Campaign with local MP Justine Greening

Last month I was lucky enough to attend Putney Bake Club's May event where I was able to see what happens when baking and campaigning meet and brush up on my barely existent baking skills! ...

When the Big IF came to town

Did you see the Big IF's flying visit to Manchester? As part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign we decided to spread the word far and (very) high. ...

Land campaigners in Sheffield

A Shock For Sheffield Shoppers

Residents of Sheffield got a shock on Saturday to find that parts of their city were being sold off.  A Grab, Grab and Profit auction was in progress in the city centre, with iconic landmarks...

Lauren Laverne hosts the IF launch

One Direction, Bill Gates, Lauren Laverne and Bill Nighy launch #IF

Image courtesy of Clive Mear/Tearfund ...

Justine Greening at the Enough food for everyone IF Parliamentary launch

Enough food for everyone IF… we take Parliament by storm!

I remember starting to tell some MPs and Peers that a big, new "joint campaign on food and hunger" was coming about a year ago. "It's going to be huge. You're going to want...

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