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Tag: birth rights

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Campaigners making their voice heard at Liberal Democrats Party Conference

Join the movement for change and become a constituency campaigner

The vote in Parliament last week on military intervention in Syria showed us how powerful the British Parliament can be and what a difference just one vote can make to  political decisions...

Mums Matter to Mancunians - from conception to launch

It was over a year ago when we first thought of bringing together all our campaigning efforts for mothers' health in an exhibition in our beloved City of Manchester.  The...

Mums Matter to Mancunians

Do Mums Matter to Mancunians?  Of course they do, as volunteers from Manchester Oxfam Group discovered when they began to raise awareness of maternal mortality across the world. This exhibition...

Warm atmosphere with delicious cakes and interesting debate about maternal health

Birth Rights Exhibition impressed Huddersfield – again!

  Every week, around 75 women in Ghana die because of complication during pregnancy and childbirth - and Midwifery society from the Huddersfield University decided to raise awareness...

Birth Rights campaign causes a stir

No matter a person's age, gender, nationality, ethnicity or culture - giving birth affects us all. For some it is a distant awareness of a mysterious and sometimes terrifying biological process,...


Mums and babies yoga group champions women's birth rights

Amongst wiggling babies and between sips of tea a group of mums came together to share their stories of pregnancy. A few days before, Shirley Gain, the mama of Sunflower Mama mums and babies...

Selina’s two sons meet their baby sister for the first time

Bloggers support Birth Rights campaign

Mum bloggers from across South England have been writing about Oxfam's Birth Rights campaign, helping us step by step to ensure women in Ghana receive better maternal health care. Click on the...

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