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We need you to tell world leaders to change direction for the climate

How many people does it take to rescue a global climate deal? Lots. In fact, we can only do it with massive public pressure from people like you. And the time is now. ...

Why I led hundreds of people out of the UN climate talks

Yesterday I led hundreds of people from around the world in a walk out of the 19th UN climate talks. ...

Thousands marching for climate justice in Poland

This weekend, thousands of people marched at the UN climate talks in Warsaw, to send the message that we must stop climate change now. ...

Oxfam big heads run food stall at COP 2013 in Poland

Why the Oxfam big heads are campaigning in Poland

You might know that Oxfam is in chilly Warsaw this November, at the UN climate change talks. But what does that mean, and what are we doing here? ...

Tearful testimony of Philippine ambassador makes powerful case for climate action

Lead climate change negotiator for the Philippines, Yeb Sano, describes the "unthinkable, horrific and unprecedented devastation left in the wake of Typoon Haiyan", bringing UN climate...

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