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Tag: great lakes crisis

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Safe water for thousands from DRC

Rwanda is famous as the country of a thousand hills, but arriving in Kigeme I wasn't quite prepared for what that meant for a refugee camp hosting more than 14,000 people. To say the camp...

"I miss my husband": DR Congo refugees seek safety in Uganda

As vast swathes of eastern DR Congo descend further into chaos with little government or security presence, people continue to flee to escape killing, rape, looting and extortion committed by...

Kibati and beyond: Seeking options for displaced people in the Congo

A surge in violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in recent months has led to massive displacement. More than half a million people have been displaced this year. Many of the newly...

DR Congo: Finding a dress in displacement

After much indecision, a best friend has just declared she's getting married 24 hours after I get back from here. "Here" is the beautiful but troubled eastern Democratic Republic of...

DR Congo: "We do not dare to go home"

Hundreds of people continue to arrive each day in Kibati. 2 million people are now displaced across the DRC; the highest figure the country has seen since 2009. ...

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