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Mymensingh/Bangladesh  credit:Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

2015 A year for action


What is EU 2030 and why should you care

This EU Summit could change the world and most people haven't even heard about it:  What is EU 2030 and why should you care? We all know that what goes on in Brussels has...

The truth Behind the Brands

5 positive steps to tackling climate change

Today we're celebrating yet another win in the fight against climate change: food giant Kellogg have committed to reducing their emissions and taken bold steps to tackle climate change, thanks...

Farmer Virginia Ñuñonca Ccallo, 54, and her daughter Elian, 11, with some of their lambs and sheep.

For the love of.... our Climate Act

Oxfam and other members of The Climate Coalition have been tweeting David Cameron and Nick Clegg asking them to show some real ambition in the fight against climate change. We want them to stick...

The truth Behind the Brands

Feeding people doesn’t have to mean feeding climate change: 4 steps food companies can take to help stop climate change

No company is too big to listen to its customers.  When enough of us speak out, companies listen. Last year more than 400,000 of you called on companies to do more for women in their supply...

You spoke. Pepsi listened.

Pushing PepsiCo to the Max on land grabs

When enough of us speak out, companies listen. Today PepsiCo proved this. The second biggest food and beverage company in the world has committed to put its full weight behind preventing land...

Mariam with her chickens

But why?

The other day, someone asked me why I care about climate change. To be honest, I was taken aback - after all, the person I was talking to reads the papers and has surely seen some of the same articles...

Behind the sugar rush - one farmer's story

In Sre Ambel District in Cambodia, 200 families are fighting for land they were violently evicted from to make way for a sugar plantation. The plantation supplies companies which manufacture and...

Scorecard section

What do the brands say? Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods react to our campaign

Yesterday, Oxfam launched a new campaign focussing on how sugar production worldwide leads to land grabs - when poor communities are kicked off their land so big companies can grow cash crops. Our...

Sugar inspectors from Bootham School in York (the historic home of Nestle!)

Today Bootham School in the city of York - the historic home of giant Nestle- is the first school in the country to show its support for Stop the Sugar Rush as part of Behind...

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