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Frame taken from film - silhouette of man carrying out a heist in a hospital

The Heist We're Talking About And What The UK Government Should Do To Help Stop It

400 million people worldwide don't have access to essential healthcare services1. For Cecilia who lives in Zambia, the impact of this has been all too real. Her friend - and her friend's...

Adnan and his wife and children rest safely in Glasgow, while his brother and sister are unable to leave Syria.

Safe at last - a children's tale

Adnan had to leave his home in Syria in 2015. He arrived in the UK in November 2015, and was granted leave to remain in Glasgow in June 2016.Three months later, his wife, son (5) and daughter (7)...

Letter writing tools and poster

Why I'm drawing a #RedLineForYemen and writing to my MP

By Lottie Massey, Oxfam Constituency Campaigner in York As a student in the UK, I enjoy freedoms and rights that most Yemenis can only dream of and this injustice is unbearable to me. According...

Happy birthday, 0.7% aid law!

Britain has a proud history of providing support for people to lift themselves out of poverty around the world. Today, we celebrate part of that history as we reflect on the law, passed exactly one...

Make Poverty History: Ten years on

Ten years ago this month, Scotland hosted one of the most highly anticipated global summits that social justice campaigners have seen in modern times. Throughout the three day G8 summit in Gleneagles,...

For the love niece, Sashika

The streets outside Westminster turned green yesterday as thousands came out to lobby their MPs on climate change. While a mass street lobby isn't the kind of thing that happens everyday...

Election 2015

Poverty, inequality, and the next UK government


Thank you to the MPs who voted for the 0.7% aid bill on 5 December 2014

A life-saving law is in the making, thanks to you!

You did it! From contacting your MPs to tell them how strongly you feel about ending poverty to joining a rousing singalong outside Parliament to the tune of 'Stay Another Day,' your message...


It’s time for politicians to listen to the people - not the polluters

We took action Back in September we put climate change back on the agenda when over 40,000 of us took over the streets of London for the Peoples Climate March, marching in solidarity...


Why ending the global tax dodge matters

May 2015 is an exciting chance for us all to believe in democracy again.  That sounds sarcastic but I really do like to indulge in the belief that our elected representatives, whoever they may...

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