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Tag: renewable energy

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Valentine’s Day is for roses, chocolates, and...fighting climate change?

Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it (don't worry, we've all been there), this year we're celebrating the holiday a little differently. Forget roses, chocolates, and unrequited...

Why a UK coal phase-out is an offer to be celebrated ahead of the crucial UN climate summit

Earlier this year Oxfam launched a campaign calling on the UK government to phase out climate-wrecking coal power. Thousands of Oxfam supporters joined the campaign, and today - it's happened!...


It’s time for politicians to listen to the people - not the polluters

We took action Back in September we put climate change back on the agenda when over 40,000 of us took over the streets of London for the Peoples Climate March, marching in solidarity...

Farmer Virginia Ñuñonca Ccallo, 54, and her daughter Elian, 11, with some of their lambs and sheep.

For the love of.... our Climate Act

Oxfam and other members of The Climate Coalition have been tweeting David Cameron and Nick Clegg asking them to show some real ambition in the fight against climate change. We want them to stick...

Have your say: Biofuels

There's a debate raging at The Telegraph about the value and harm of using biofuel - prompted by Oxfam's new report noting that drivers will pay an extra £35 a year because of rising biofuel...

Sustainability is for life, not just for Rio

It's been a full twenty years since the Rio Earth Summit. A summit where a 12 year old girl Severn Suzuki helped to hold world leaders to account and commitments were made to prioritise the environment. ...

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