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Frame taken from film - silhouette of man carrying out a heist in a hospital

The Heist We're Talking About And What The UK Government Should Do To Help Stop It

400 million people worldwide don't have access to essential healthcare services1. For Cecilia who lives in Zambia, the impact of this has been all too real. Her friend - and her friend's...

Tax shouldn't vanish

Time to get tough on corporate tax avoidance that leaves poor countries short-changed

Through Oxfam's work fighting poverty around the world, we see the devastating impact that not having basic services like clean water and healthcare can have on the world's poorest people.  ...

The Global Alliance for Tax Justice outside of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

One year on from the Panama Papers: how well is the UK tackling tax avoidance?

By Oli Pearce, Policy Manager at Oxfam GB If a week was a long time in Harold Wilson's politics, then a year in the era of Trump's tweets is something else. The election of Donald...

Today is a victory for tax openness and fair play

Each year the poorest countries in the world lose out on $100 billion of vital funds because companies use tax havens to avoid paying their fair share. We believe it's a scandal and a form of...

George Osborne (Creative commons licensed photograph.)

Panama Papers: The scandal doesn't stop here

At least 12 heads of state and government, numerous other politicians, as well as many stars in sports and entertainment: all have allegedly channelled billions of dollars of dodged taxes through...

David Cameron

The Panama Papers show we need to act on tax havens now

It's been hard to miss the Panama Papers this week. History's biggest data leak shows the super-rich and multinational corporations exploiting secretive offshore tax havens on a quite extraordinary...

The Tax Dodging Bill

The past, present and future of tax dodging

It's been a busy couple of years for campaigners working to put an end to tax dodging. Check out what - with your support - we've been up to below. If you haven't...

The fight for tax justice continues

When we launched the campaign for a Tax Dodging Bill at the beginning of this year we didn't know what to expect. The response was overwhelming, with campaigners like you taking action...

altogetherfool / Flickr

10 Reasons why an intergovernmental UN tax body will benefit everyone

It's time to rewrite the rules on tax dodging. It's yet another story of global inequality: rich countries like the UK make the rules, rich corporations and individuals take advantage...


It's the global week of action for tax justice

On Friday, in the UK, we helped organise a stunt  as part of a global week of action for tax justice, with activities taking place all around the world. Members of the world's largest labour,...

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