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Taking part in an event is an amazing personal challenge. It's even better if you're part of the Oxfam team. We'll help you have an unbeatable race experience and the money you'll raise will help Oxfam support the people who need it most.

You're helping Oxfam fight poverty now...

From families caught up in the global refugee crisis, to communities facing starvation because of drought, you're making sure that women, men and children have the life-saving basics they need to survive today. But it doesn't stop there.

...and beat it forever

You're also making sure that people can rebuild their lives after conflict and disaster. That women are always heard, protected and powerful in their communities. That families have a permanent source of food and water. That those in power hear and act on the needs of the world's poorest people. You're helping people to change their lives forever.

Fundraising ideas and resources to help you hit your target

Facebook cover photos

Use social media to tell everyone you're taking part in a race for Oxfam. To make sure your friends know about your challenge, download one of these Oxfam cover photos and add it to your Facebook profile.