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Speak up for ethical businesses

Posted by Luned Jones Media and Communications Officer, Wales

15th Feb 2012

Dame Barbara Stocking, Chief Executive of Oxfam, visited Wales this week. Before delivering a keynote speech to Cardiff Business Club Dame Barbara urged consumers to speak up if they want companies to become more ethical.

"If 10 people told a major supermarket we don't like this that you are doing, you would be amazed at the impact that could have on the buying power of that big company. People should never feel they can't make any difference."

Dame Barbara said that while Oxfam is keen to work with UK businesses it will not stop us from drawing attention to poor business ethics.

"Oxfam stands on very high moral grounds and we have to work very hard not to fall off that," she said.

"That's quite important for business to learn as well in terms of reputation management, as more and more consumers are demanding that businesses do the right thing. Yes, make money, but not at the expense of poor people."

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Blog post written by Luned Jones

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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