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Oxfam Valleys Activists Make a Difference on a Global Scale - Be Part of it

Posted by Louise Weinzweig Activist and Community Campaigner, Oxfam Cymru

31st May 2012

Become an Oxfam Activist - 30th June, Swansea

You live in the South Wales Valleys and are interested in campaigning with Oxfam on international issues. Find out how you can be part of an activism day.

Contact Louise Weinzweig:

With other activists like you, learn how to make a difference using your own network on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.  And beef up your networking and organising skills for some activism in the streets of your town.

Oxfam staff will run campaign workshops and tell you about other Oxfam activism that is going on around the country.  Then there will be workshops on digital networking and campaigning from social media agency Native HQ, and activities to help you plan your own activism where you will get to know other activists and the Oxfam Activism Coordinator. 

By the end of the day you will be an Oxfam Valleys Activist, with ideas for campaigning actions to take over the months ahead. You will also have good connections with Oxfam staff and other activists in the Valleys so you can access support to pursue your activist path.

It will cost you nothing except your time, energy and commitment - are you up for it?

If you are, email the Activist Coordinator with your answers to the following questions:

●     Why do you want to be an Oxfam activist?

●     How would you get more signatures for our Global Arms Trade Treaty petition?

Also let us know how to connect with you on Facebook and/or on Twitter.

You'll put a lot in but you will get a lot more than a free lunch out of it.

This day will also run in Pontypridd on July 28th.  If that is better for you, get in touch and register your interest.

Blog post written by Louise Weinzweig

Activist and Community Campaigner, Oxfam Cymru

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